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So today I was reviewing a small slideshow I made for a talk I’ve given at the Salon de la photo, last november and I thought I might share it here. During this talk that was aimed at other photographers, I shared how my own experience leak into my photography sometimes conscioulsy, most of the time unsconsciously. It is only when I look back at some photos that I realise how some movies, some of my special interest, some experience or some art influenced what I captured.

Some images are labelled « Méditation sensorielle ». This is something that I started doing a few years ago based on my personal experience and meditation. It’s a pause during a wedding, a reboot time for some couple, but mostly a way of creating a multisensory memory of a moment in time.

So here is a small video of photos I took and below is what inspired or influenced me. Some are taken during weddings, others are for different shoots.

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